EOS Coming Soon

EOS - Enclave Operating System

We're excited to announce that EOS - Enclave Operating System is on the horizon and coming soon! EOS is currently in active research and development as part of a large-scale EU project called CONFIDENTIAL6G. Ultraviolet proudly participates in this project as an active partner, contributing state-of-the-art Confidential Computing technology and innovative use-cases.

The CONFIDENTIAL6G project aims to shape the future of secure and confidential communication technologies, especially in the context of 6G networks. EOS will play a crucial role in enhancing the security, privacy, and performance of next-generation communication systems.

Stay tuned for updates on EOS - Enclave Operating System and its groundbreaking capabilities in the field of Confidential Computing. We're dedicated to delivering a powerful platform that empowers organizations to collaborate securely while preserving data privacy.

Learn more about CONFIDENTIAL6G project: CONFIDENTIAL6G Project

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