Consulting Services

Ultraviolet Consult is a cloud computing company oriented towards secure and confidential computing technologies in the domain of telecom, cloud, and IoT systems.

Secure Cloud Computing

Ultraviolet Consult is specialized in security development around secure enclaves, cryptography, TEEs and other Confidential Computing concepts. We provide services in design, architecting, and implementing secure cloud solutions oriented towards data protection in use, code attestation, secure key management, and TEE SW environments.

Secure IoT

Ultraviolet Consult has a proven track record in large-scale telecom projects, working with some of the biggest CSPs, telecom operators, and equipment providers. Combining experience in IoT and connectivity with Confidential Computing concepts, UV is bringing an innovative approach to building secure IoT systems and solutions. UV can offer support in all stages of IoT solutions: from design, project management, architecture, technology selection to implementation, testing, and benchmarking.

Secure AI/ML

Protecting data privacy and algorithm IP from being disclosed during training or inference represent one of the biggest challenges in modern AI/ML. Leveraging on knowledge in Confidential Computing, UV is providing services in securing data sets and protecting AI algorithms when building various AI/ML systems.