Ultraviolet Consult is a cloud computing company oriented towards secure and confidential computing technologies in the domain of telecom, cloud, and IoT systems.

Mainflux Pro - Secure IoT Platform

Mainflux Pro is a carrier-grade multi-protocol unified IoT platform. It is an enterprise version of the famous open-source IoT platform Mainflux, covered with SLA and professional support by the Ultraviolet Consult. It is cloud-based and can be deployed as a white-label in private, public, or hybrid clouds. Mainflux Pro is based on microservice architecture and each component is individually clusterable and scalable. It is fault-tolerant and highly-available, robust, and can be scaled to manage millions of devices simultaneously.

Mainflux Pro is deployed as a managed service, a turn-key solution. Integration APIs are provided and it is easy to extend with new protocols, connectors, enterprise message busses and databases. In that sense, Mainflux Pro is ideal for CSP, network and service operators, and the enterprise. - Privacy-Preserving AI/ML orchestration is a SaaS cloud system dedicated to privacy-preserving AI/ML, i.e. execution of model training and algorithm inference on confidential data sets. Privacy-preserving is considered as a “holy grail” of AI. It opens many possibilities, among which a collaborative trustworthy AI. is a distributed, microservice-based solution in the cloud that enables confidential and privacy-preserving AI/ML while enabling the following features:

  • Data Scientist pipelines with UI
  • User and Key Management
  • Distributed computation orchestration over TEE-enabled machines
  • Programmable TEE environments (novel protocols)
  • Brokering while adhering to most recent IETF Open Trust Protocol standards
  • Providing API for programmable manipulation with the platform

The final product enables Data Scientists to train AI/ML models on confidential data that is never revealed and can be used for Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMC).