Ultraviolet Consult is a cloud computing company oriented towards secure and confidential computing technologies in the domain of telecom, cloud, and IoT systems.

Software Engineer

Infrastructure and Security

Position Overview

Ultraviolet Consult is looking for an experienced engineer with a background in Telecommunication, Electronics and/or Computer Sciences, ambitious and interested to work with cutting-edge technologies like IoT, 5G, distributed systems, AI/ML and Confidential Computing (digital security).

Position offers exposure to the most modern programming techniques, systems, frameworks and programming languages - like Go, Rust, Kubernetes, TEE secure HW enclaves, Fully Homomorphic Encryption and cryptography, IoT Edge and Cloud, blockchain and Smart Contracts, privacy-preserving AI/ML, functional programming, WASM, distributed asynchronous systems and many other.


Development of telecom/IoT infrastructure, security procedures, data pipelines, distributed asynchronous systems and RESTfull APIs based on micro-service architecture. Design of software architecture and solution. Implementation and development of the system. System testing. Development of CI procedures and deployment strategies (DevOps). Writing of technical documentation.


  • MSc. in Engineering (Telecommunication, Electronics, Computer Sciences or similar) or equivalent work experience
  • Go programming language (or Python / Rust / Java / C++ / NodeJS and willingness to learn Go in depth)
  • Databases (SQL and NoSQL)
  • API development
  • Testing, CI and DevOps
  • Docker containerization and Kubernetes

What We Offer

  • Competitive salary and benefit packages
  • Continuous professional development with support from experienced engineers and though the work on the large projects with most prominent tech companies in the world
  • Work with modern technologies and systems (future-tech)
  • Work in a dynamic and professional working environment
  • The possibility of work from home or remote destination
  • Flexible working time
  • Work within the international environment and participation on open-source projects

To apply for this positions, please send your CV to e-mail:

About Ultraviolet Consult

Ultraviolet Consult is a technology company focused on Confidential Computing methodologies in the domain of Cloud, Telecom, and AI/ML.

The company has a proven track record working in the telecom space, cooperating with some of the world's biggest CSPs and operators - like Telenor, A1, Telia, Nokia, and many others - on design, installation, and maintenance of 4G and 5G networks.

Ultraviolet is working on solving the hardest security issues, protecting networks, data, and algorithms by applying the latest technological innovations in Confidential Computing, AI/ML, and Secure Multi-Party Computation.